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Toilet/translucent laundry soap production line

1.ESI Type High quality Top technology toilet soap, translucent laundry soap finishing line   
2. Thirteen Years elaborate research & development   
ESI Type ...

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1.ESI Type High quality Top technology toilet soap, translucent laundry soap finishing line   
2. Thirteen Years elaborate research & development   
ESI Type High quality Top technology of world  toilet soap, translucent laundry soap finishing line has manufactured successfully in China Lanzhou Limac Machinery Co.,Ltd. The production lines have been used in many factories in all over the world and highly praised by soap producers.  
3. The features of ESI Type soap production line:   
High quality, Top technology , high output   
Lowest noise, lowest consumption, no pollution to the environment   
4.Production Quality of ES1 type soap finishing line   
The soap is bright, smooth tight and no cracking    


5.Consist of ESI type equipment  
1). ESITwo agitator Three-motor mixer  
Features: It can make soap noodles into powder, mixing uniform and refine into 3 mintunes  
2).ESI type bottom discharged roller with two blade  
3).ESI type Super-charged Duplex refiner  
4).ESI type Super-charged Duplex vacuum plooder  
5).ESItype single-blade cutter  
6).ESI type toilet soap freezing stamper  
7) .ESI type pillow packing machine  
8) .ESI type carton packing machine  
9) .ESI type bottom discharged roller is design for professional soap producers. The soap particle size can reach 0.05 mm after milling. No dropping, high output. 
10) .ESI type Super-charged refiner   
High pressure, high output, lowest consumption, no feeding back  
11).ESItype Super-charged Duplex vacuum plodder  
High pressure, high output, lowest consumption, no feeding back, it can make soap into bar in 15 seconds after opening